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Great For Any Level!

Quick Details

Two Hour Lesson MX$4,800

Come Learn-to-Kite With Us!


This is one on one coaching: just you and your couch. It is by far the most effective and the safest way to learn. If you’re looking for an efficient way to progress your riding, this is the way to go!

Jetski-assisted kitesurfing lessons are perfect to focus on your riding skills while your instructor is close up to your side at all times coaching you from the jetski. This type of lesson is perfect for kids.

We only teach kitesurfing lessons following the set guidelines and safety techniques that will have you focus on enjoying your kiteboarding experience. All instructors are professional and fully qualified. But more importantly, you are going to have such a good time while hanging out with our experienced and friendly crew.

Step by step tuition is the key in all of our kitesurfing lessons, at your own pace making it a much easier way of learning to kitesurf. Each of our lessons is for 2-4 hours long depending on your stamina and weather conditions. Kitesurfers are reliant on the wind so if there is a change in conditions you will be updated as soon as possible before your lesson booking, so you can enjoy a great day out with us. If we cannot complete your tuition on the day, then we will move your lesson to another day/week or simply add your hours on to the next lesson so you don’t miss out. All the latest Liquid Force kitesurfing equipment is used in our kitesurfing lessons, wetsuits are provided

What to Bring

  • Bottled water
  • Sunscreen
  • Snack
  • Equipment is provided